Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Grandmaster of Chinese Martial Arts "Wing Chun Kungfu"

Kung fu is one of the deadliest martial arts in the world, there are different types of kungfu such as shaolin, wingchun, hung gar, qigong and etc. It is combined with soft and hard style and uses circular form.

It consists of many styles, including wing chun and tai chi. All the rules, regulations and principles of this will start for an appropriate posture and movements. That will serve as the source of the students to study and learn the various style of kung fu.
Practicing Wing ChunWing Chun Kuen Kung Fu or Wing chun is came from the name of a girl named Yim Wing Chun the disciple of a Buddhist nun Ng Mui, who witnessed the fighting of snake and crane. After that she developed the snake-crane style and she taught all his knowledge to her disciple Yim Wing Chun. The wing chun means weak style, but the truth is a combination of strong and weak technique. The concept of strong style is to defense the strong against strong, meanwhile the weak style refers to a smart procedure and technique for avoidance. Kuen means the style of fighting using the fist. The combination of weak and strong style is the origin made by one woman but developed by men. A Chinese martial arts that uses wooden dummy which specialized close range combat, also called a snake and crane style of kung fu. Yim Wing Chun the daughter of Yim Yee who had a tofu shop and the wife of Leung Bok-Chao.

Grandmaster Yip Man (Ip man)

Yip Man is a grandmaster of Wing Chun, he was born on October 1, 1893, he started learning when he was 13 years old. He was the first master of Bruce Lee who became also a master of martial arts and actor. He learned from two masters Ng Chung-sok and Leung Bik. He was one of the greatest best martial artist in China during his time until the invasion of Japanese and he refused to teach kung fu to the Japanese; so that the General challenged him for a fight and he defeated general; and then they migrated in Hongkong after that fight. He started teaching wing chun in Hongkong but the other masters did not allow him teaching kung fu without a permit. In that time, Hongkong was controlled by the British and one of the masters in kung fu killed by the British boxer after that happening he challenged the boxer for a fight. His life story was played by Donnie Yen as Ip Man; one of the great martial artist and actor today.

butterfly knives

wooden dummyThe weapon and equipment used in wing chun are butterfly knives or swords and a wooden dummy. A wooden dummy was created looks like a body, legs and arms, used for practicing the defense and offense. A butterfly knives or swords is a single-edged blade that measures 11 ½” long and the handle measures 6”. 

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