Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Inner Force

Tai chi is the combination of soft and hard style technique and it is the type of internal Chinese martial arts. It is practiced for self defense and health benefits. Tai chi chuan means "supreme ultimate fist" or "boundless fist". Created by Zhang Sanfeng a legendary Chinese Taoist priest in 12th century. He was inspired to create a 72-movement when he observed the bird attacking a snake and its defensive tactics. It remained still and alert in face of the birds onslaught until it made a lunge and fatally bit its attacker. He is also an expert in white snake and crane styles.

Qi Gong means a “Life Energy Cultivation”, it is practice to cultivate a balance, it is a practice of aligning breath, movement, and awareness for exercise, healing, and meditation. Qi (or chi) is usually translated as life energy, lifeforce, or energy flow, and definitions often involve breath, air, gas, or relationship between matter, energy, and spirit.[6] Qi is the central underlying principle in traditional Chinese medicine and martial arts. Gong (or kung) is often translated as cultivation or work, and definitions include practice, skill, mastery, merit, achievement, service, result, or accomplishment, and is often used to mean gongfu (kung fu) in the traditional sense of achievement through great effort. It develops the calmness and relaxation of the body.